ST. LOUIS ( -- More than 10,000 people in counties News 4 reaches on both sides of the river have been infected with the new coronavirus since the beginning of the outbreak and more than 700 of them have died. 

A total of 10,095 people in 31 counties in both Illinois and Missouri have tested positive for COVID-19; 7,814 of them live in Missouri and 2,281 live in Illinois. As of Saturday, 753 people died from complications caused by the virus; 585 Missourians and 168 Illinoisans. 

Combined, St. Louis City and County account for 63.3% of total cases and 65.6% of total deaths.

St. Clair County has been hit the most in the Illinois side with 1,016 infections and 79 deaths.

COVID-19 cases remain on the rise at nursing homes around the country and the virus has infected 688 residents and staff and claimed 113 lives at nursing homes in Illinois counties in News 4's viewing area. The 113 people who have died account for 67.2% of the total deaths in the 15 counties News 4 reaches while the cases account for 30.1% of total infections.

Data on cases at nursing homes in Illinois is collected from the state's Department of Public Health. The state of Missouri does not provide detailed data for cases at long-term care facilities. Click here to read more. 

The first COVID-19 case was announced in St. Louis County on March 7 after a woman returned to the state from a study abroad program in Italy. 

News 4 reaches 16 counties in Missouri and 15 counties in Illinois. We have been following updates from local and state officials and tracking COVID-19 cases by county. Click here for a full breakdown of cases and deaths.

For more information on the COVID-19 and safety guidelines, visit the CDC’s website at The City of St. Louis Department of Health number is 314-657-1499 or visit the city's website at to learn more. The St. Louis County Health hotline is 314-615-2660 or visit the county's website at to learn more.

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