ST. LOUIS ( - Below is the latest on the impact of the coronavirus in Missouri and the Metro East:


5:42 a.m.

New antibody testing numbers from the Missouri Health Department are in. So far, 430 people have tested positive out of more than 12,000. 

That suggest about 3.5 percent of the state's population have anti-bodies. The test shows if you previously had the virus and your immune system made protective proteins, called antibodies, to fight off the infection.


7:00 p.m. 

The total number of cases reported in Missouri in the last week is the lowest increase since the end of March. State health officials announced 945 cases from May 11 through May 17. It's the lowest weekly increase since week ending March 29 when the state reported 765 cases.

This is the first week the state reports less than 1,000 cases since March. 

Total cases of the new coronavirus reached 11,083 on Sunday in Missouri. A total of 598 people have died statewide. 

Click here for a breakdown of cases by county. 

2:30 p.m.

Illinois reported 1,734 new cases and 51 more deaths. A total of 94,191 residents have tested positive for COVID-19 and 4,177 have died. More than 581,00 residents have been tested for the virus statewide.

2:00 p.m.

The seven-day moving average of new hospital admissions due to COVID-19 in the St. Louis area has flattened out, the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force said.

The moving average of hospital admissions is at 25, the seven-day moving average of hospitalizations has decreased from 493 Saturday to 487 on Sunday and the number of new hospital admissions increased from 27 to 28. 

The task force said the number of inpatient hospitalizations increased from 456 to 467. The number of patients in the ICU decreased from 122 to 121 and the number on ventilators decreased by nine, from 84 to 75.

Sixteen more COVID-19 patients were discharged from task force hospitals, bringing the total to 1,880.

Stay Strong St. Louis coronavirus pandemic generic

A "Stay Strong St. Louis" sign can be seen on both ends of the Stifle Theater in downtown St. Louis on Market Street. 


2:30 p.m.

Illinois recorded 2,088 new cases of COVID-19 and and 74 additional deaths. A total of 92,457 people in Illinois have tested positive for the virus, 4,129 have died.


The State of Missouri reported its largest increase in COVID-19 positive tests in more than a week, recording 219 new cases, the highest reported increase since May 7.

The state says 10,675 residents have tested positive for the virus, 589 have died. 

For more information on the COVID-19 and safety guidelines, visit the CDC’s website at The City of St. Louis Department of Health number is 314-657-1499 or visit the city's website at to learn more. The St. Louis County Health hotline is 314-615-2660 or visit the county's website at to learn more.


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