Contractor prosecuted again for allegedly ripping off more homeowners

Ron Briddell, the contractor accused of allegedly ripping off elderly homeowners in Granite City and Collinsville, sat down with News 4's Chris Nagus last year and confessed to similar allegations.

A contractor News 4's Chris Nagus has been dealing with for years is in trouble once again. This time he's accused of ripping off elderly homeowners.

Back in 2013, Ron Briddell told Nagus he was worried about being prosecuted.

But he must not have been that worried, because after that he kept ripping off more victims.

Back in 2012, things got so bad the Illinois Attorney General stepped in, and Briddell was ordered to pay more than $56,000 to customers he ripped off.

Briddell confessed he lied about being a licensed roofing contractor, that he was bonded, and in some cases even lied about being appointed as a home repair consultant by the Illinois Attorney General.

Now Madison County States Attorney Tom Gibbons is prosecuting Ron again.

"I would have to characterize this as a true menace to our society" said Gibbons.

Gibbons says Briddell was already on probation when he started ripping off more elderly homeowners in Granite City and Collinsville.

Now his probation is revoked.

"I don't think it's safe for him to continue to operate in our society, I think he needs to spend some time behind bars and that's what we will be seeking in this case" said Gibbons.

And since the latest alleged rip-offs happened while Briddell was on probation, Gibbons believes Ron will actually spend time in jail.

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