EAST HAVEN, Conn. (CNN) -- Connecticut officers were confronted by two large dogs on Tuesday.

The officers on the video were with East Haven Police Department, and were accompanied by East Haven Animal Control.

Officials said they were responding to reports of a dog attack Monday.

As the officer tried to deal with a dog inside of the home, two more dogs surrounded him.

The officer tried to move away from them but the dogs pounced.

He then tried to control them with a stick but they continued to move towards him.

It wasn't until the other officer shot his stun gun that the dogs ran away.

The owner of the dogs, Jeffrey Monigle, was charged with failure to license, failure to vaccinate, animal nuisance, and allowing dog to roam.

Police said they found Tom Kucenski, a neighbor, suffering from several injuries after he said the dogs attacked him.

The injuries are reportedly non-life threatening.

Officials say animal control quarantined the dog responsible for attacking Kucenski.


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