ST. LOUIS ( -- Minimum security locks at a maximum security jail. It's new information News 4 has learned Tuesday regarding the locks at the downtown City Justice Center (CJC). 

Over the last nine months, there have been several uprisings, fights and beatings inside the CJC. City officials have been putting the blame on faulty locks and corrections officers not doing their jobs. Now, News 4's learning of more issues. 

"We are about 100 people over capacity and people are sleeping on the floor. Please, somebody tell me how that's not inhumane," Alderman Jeffrey Boyd said. 

Boyd, who's also the vice chairman of the city's public safety committee, says that's happening because jail cells are uninhabitable due to broken locks. News 4's found the city needs to replace 529 doors and locks inside the CJC. Those replacements cost $15,500 each.  Richard Bradley, president of the city's Board of Public Services, said Tuesday there's more to be done inside the jail than just replacing the locks. Bradley said they need new control systems, control stations, new furniture that inmates and corrections officers can't move, new lighting that's up to penal code, new fire alarm systems, and more.

Bradley quoted the entire project at $19.5 million. Right now, the city has some of that funding. Bradley says nearly $12.5 million is being proposed to the city's capital committee and citizen advisory committee for approval. He says the money could come from left over appropriation or ARPA funding. 

"I'm committed to ensuring corrections have all the resources that they need to ensure good public safety, quality of life with people in the institutions that we're obligated to serve, and that they have all the resources to be effective and efficient," Boyd explained. 

The current timeline to finish all these renovations is December 2022. However, Bradley made it clear, if they can't get the additional funding approved, it could get pushed back. Alderman Boyd says at this point, he's expecting things to stretch far into 2023. 

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