Jury selection in Gov. Greitens' trial to enter 3rd day

(Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- Saying "constant negative publicity" about Governor Greitens "has destroyed any chance of obtaining a fair jury", the governor's defense team on Friday filed a motion to waive a jury trial in his criminal invasion of privacy case.

This is the second time the defense team has requested a bench trial - on March 26, Judge Rex Burlison denied that request.

This time, the team is arguing the constant flow of Greitens-related headlines, from two criminal cases and a house committee investigation, will strip the governor of his right to an impartial jury.

The motions read:"The Court can and should take judicial notice of the fact that the overwhelming amount of pretrial publicity, specifically as it relates to the House Reports, which make numerous, factually disputed findings directly related to the allegations in this case, rises to the level that would strip Gov. Greitens of his constitutionally guaranteed right to a fair and impartial jury."In a separate filing, the defense says the judge should prohibit the testimony of the woman at the center of the allegation, because of, Greitens' attorneys say her testimony has been tainted by an investigator on the case.

They claim misconduct on the part of the prosecutor.

The prosecution has argued that the victim has been consistent in her account of the events in question. They maintain that a jury should decide the facts.

The trial is set to being May 14.

Read the full motion here.

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