Lexington, NC (WXII) -- A woman in Lexington defines the spirit of Christmas.

She’s using her passion for the holiday to make a difference.

Jeannie Harrison starts decorating for Christmas on October 1stand for good reason. She fills nearly every square inch of her house with ornate decorations, including 175 Christmas trees.

Harrison is better known as “The Christmas Tree Lady.”

“I just started one day and it got bigger and bigger,” Harrison said. “I get people’s junk and make it my treasures.”

Jeannie and her husband, Robbie, started this venture in 2010.

“I told Jeannie when we moved into this house, she wanted to do some big decorating – I said, well, I love Christmas and I love decorations, but I don’t decorate,” Robbie said. “So you’ll have to do all the decorating.”

Since 2010, Jeannie estimates they’ve welcomed about a thousand people into their home. Some folks are local, others come all the way from New York and Pennsylvania.

“Their mouth flies open. They’ll say, I can’t believe this. I feel like I’m in a Christmas Story,” Jeannie said. “Especially when they go over to the corner in the living room and they look up at the Winter Wonderland.”

Year after year, Jeannie spends countless hours trimming each tree to perfection and she doesn’t ask for a penny.

“All I ask is for everyone to bring one canned good to go toward the Pastor’s Pantry,” she said. “That’s all I need, to give someone else something to eat and for other people to enjoy Christmas like I do.”

The Harrison’s home will be open to visitors as long as the decorations stay up, which they plan do keep until the second week of January.

To schedule a tour, call Jeannie Harrison at 336-250-9215.

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