CHESTERFIELD, Mo. ( -- A Chesterfield medical research company is trying to find a COVID-19 vaccine and the company is looking for hundreds of volunteers to take part.

Clinical Research Professionals in the Chesterfield Valley does quite a bit of research into Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Now, with the help of Pfizer and a German pharmaceutical company, researchers are looking into a vaccine for the new coronavirus and need healthy volunteers to take part.

"What we mean by healthy is folks who consider themselves relatively healthy, it doesn't mean that you can't have any other preexisting conditions, but they have to be stable so if you have been on stable medication for at least six weeks for let's say that you have diabetes, but you're well controlled, that would be okay," Marianne Tow said. She's the clinic director.

Half of the participants will be given a potential COVID-19 vaccine. The other half will be given a placebo.

There will be the initial vaccine; a shot in the arm. And then a follow-up second vaccine along with half a dozen follow-up visits over two years.

"Either way they'll be able to fill out an online pre-screening form, which will have about ... 10 questions on there to see if they qualify to move forward and if they do, I will receive that information and we will get a hold of them in the order that they're received and do a phone screening from that point," Malana Kanallakan said.

There will be some compensation for those taking part for time and travel.

Although research into COVID-19 vaccines is being fast-tracked. Studies such as this are measured in months and years and not weeks. 

"The pharmaceutical companies and the FDA ... everybody still has to do their part to make sure the vaccine that is going to be provided to the public is going to be safe and effective," Tow said.

The company is expecting an overwhelming response from people wanting to take part.

"Because I think that people want to jump in and do something," Kanallakan said. "Either they want to hopefully get the vaccine themselves, or they want to help you know this is a pandemic this affects everybody."

The company is looking for 500 volunteers between the age of 18 and 85. Click here to learn more and participate.

The study could begin later in July or by early August.

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