ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( -- As St. Louis County slowly reopens from the pandemic shutdown, youth sports are now allowed to resume practices and games.

"This opening today will help. It will kind of ramp up those exercises and ramp up that training," said Terry Gober, a soccer coach with the JB Marine Soccer Club.

Some of Gober's high school-aged players held an impromptu practice on Monday and said they were glad to be back together.

"I think we're all like excited to get back on the field and play," said Tony Yan.

"It's a lot better than what we had for the past few months, where we were stuck in our houses." added Sean Stenger.

The county's guidelines for resuming sports activities begins with a warning that playing sports with others increases the risk of getting infected or spreading the virus.

There's a long list of guidelines, but they include health screenings for players, coaches and referees at the beginning of practice and games. The guidelines also call for coaches, umpires and spectators to wear masks and for players to practice social distancing when they're not on the field. Teams are also not allowed to play in games against teams from outside of the St. Louis area.

County Executive Sam Page said he worked closely Washington University physicians and with Eric Eickmeyer, president of the Kirkwood Athletic Association, to create the safety precautions.

Teams are also advised against huddling up, shaking hands or giving fist bumps.

Some high-contact sports that are not permitted for youth at this time include indoor basketball, tackle/flag/touch football, indoor floor hockey, martial arts, boxing, racquetball, handball, indoor volleyball, water polo and wrestling.

Click here to read the full list of guidelines.

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