Cell phone video captures shots being fired at downtown gas station

A man was caught on camera firing shots into the air at the ZX gas station at Chouteau and 4th Street in downtown St. Louis. Credit: KMOV

It's a terrifying moment caught on camera. A man firing a gun in the air at a busy gas station.

It happened at the gas station on Chouteau and south 4th Street in downtown St. Louis.

A viewer posted video of the incident on Facebook.

"That's just stupid and illegal,” said John Ross who uses the ZX gas station where the shooting occurred.

That’s the reaction many people News 4 spoke with had about the video.

"It would have been scary. I'm sure a lot of people who were here were pretty scared,” said Kim Donley who frequents the gas station.

The video shows a very busy parking lot. There are even few people standing next to the shooter.

"You accept it. You see it on TV all the time and hey it's just part of life. That's all,” said Sherman Hamilton Sr.

He told News 4 that he visits gas station at least once a week and that he's never had any problems.

He added that the incident is just another example of the ongoing gun violence in St. Louis.

"They get the guns from breaking into people's homes so I don't know how you can stop them. Just hope that people just have more consideration for each other,” he said.

St. Louis Police said they got a call for shots fired at about 11:30 p.m. The caller reported hearing gunshots followed by cars speeding from the parking lot.

"If people like that get caught then they need to be punished, arrested jailed, fined, whatever,” said Ross.

Police told News 4 that officers weren't able to find the shooter when they arrived.

The incident is the latest in several cases of shootings in the downtown St. Louis area. In May, a woman was hit by a bullet while in Busch Stadium for a Cardinals game.

Police also said they typically hire off-duty officers to patrol the stadium area during game nights.

As for Donley, she said the video has her thinking twice about the frequenting the gas station.

"It's not worth risking somebody pulling a gun out and getting shot, I'd find another gas station to go to."

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