RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. ( -- You insert a coin, and out comes a car. That’s the concept behind e-commerce car business called Carvana.

"I recalled having seen one and recalled doing a 'What is that!'" That was Betsy Gast first reaction when she heard the proposal to put a Carvana behind her Richmond Heights home.

The initial proposal is to build a 93-feet, 10-tier structure in the parking lot of the Galleria Mall, just south of Macy’s.

In November, the Richmond Heights planning and zoning commission voted to not approve the proposal but now the company is appealing to the city council.

“It doesn’t fit with the character of the neighborhood, it isn’t visually compatible with the neighborhood,” said Gast.

She and other neighbors on Berkshire, a neighborhood which butts up to the Galleria and would have a view of the car vending machine, have put together a petition to oppose the plan.

Jim Benedick, the building and zoning administrator for Richmond Heights, said the company is going back to the drawing board to reduce the height and dim the lights in their appeal to the city council. It is expected to be considered by councilmembers at their February meeting.

The city said there is a provision in the permit that would require the company to keep money in an account to ensure if they went out of business, there would be money to demolish the structure.

The Carvana car vending machines are found in cities like Nashville, Austin and Dallas. There was a similar proposal in Chesterfield in 2018 but it was denied.

Update 2/4/2020 at 5 a.m.

Carvana pulled its appeal before the Richmond Heights City Council was supposed to hear arguments. 

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