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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. ( -- Heart disease found in dogs linked to grain-free diets has been found to be reversible. 

Late last month, the Food and Drug Administration listed 16 brands of dog food as being associated with heightened risk of heart disease. This was linked to a study that analyzed 500 dogs with canine heart disease and showed which foods they were eating. 

READ: Your dog's 'grain-free food may be linked to canine heart disease, FDA finds

But in a UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine study, Dr. Josh Stern and his associates said the disease could be reversed.

"Low and behold, when we changed their diet and we added supplements to their diet, they got better," said Stern. 

Stern alerted the FDA of his findings, and the FDA was open to collaboration.

FDA data revealed more than 90 percent of the dogs suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) reportedly ate grain-free diets and 93 percent of the foods contained peas and/or lentils as a main ingredient. The dog breeds with DCM most commonly reported to the FDA were Golden Retrievers, Great Danes, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Standard Poodles, Mastiffs, Bulldogs and Shih Tzus. 

The FDA currently does not have definitive information indicating a need for any of the grain-free pet foods to be recalled or removed from the market. 


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