Candidate: Josh Hawley

Running for: U.S. Senate

Party Affiliation: Republican Party

Current Position: Attorney General of Missouri


The following are answers to questions KMOV producers sent to the Hawley campaign: 

1 - Many say this mid-term election is a referendum on the Trump Presidency. Rate President Trump’s performance and describe in detail where you agree with him and disagree with him.

Even Senator McCaskill agrees that this race is about who controls Congress: Democrats, like Claire McCaskill, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, who want open borders, liberal judges, higher taxes, and a weaker military – or conservatives, who support President Trump’s efforts to secure the border, build a wall, protect middle class jobs, defend our farmers, support conservative judges, and a strong military.

I’m proud to have President Trump’s endorsement in this race for U.S. Senate. Claire McCaskill wants to make this election about anything other than her record, because she works for her liberal friends in Washington. She couldn’t care less about Missouri.

We need a Senator who loves our way of life here in Missouri – who will fight for it, rather than against it. I will listen to the Heartland and represent our way of life, and no one else, in the U.S. Senate.

2 – Do you believe Brett Kavanaugh should be selected to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court?

Yes. I support conservative judges who will interpret the Constitution as it was written and defend the rule of law. Democrats launched a smear campaign against Justice Kavanaugh in order to scuttle his nomination until after they gain control of the Senate. Senator McCaskill supported every single one of President Obama’s judicial nominees, and she has been wrong on the last 6 Supreme Court nominees. Claire McCaskill was caught on video saying she was “physically ill” at the news Justice Kennedy was retiring, and warning that if she didn’t get re-elected Justice Kennedy would be replaced by someone who didn’t share her liberal values. She was a “no” on Justice Kavanaugh before he was even named. Claire McCaskill has spent her career opposing the will of Missourians who want to conservative judges.

3 – How should the government help reform healthcare in this country?

Nine years ago, Senator McCaskill and her liberal allies forced through a massive bureaucratic takeover of American health care. She told us that if we liked our health care plans, we could keep them. She said the cost of health insurance would go down. She said prescription drug prices would fall.

She lied. Since then, millions of Americans have lost their health care plans. Healthcare premiums have more than doubled. Prescription drug prices are off the charts. And family after family can’t afford their health care bills.

Meanwhile, the insurance companies are posting massive profits, thanks in part to open-ended payments from the federal government using our tax dollars.

And worse yet, Claire McCaskill voted to cut $716 billion from Medicare to fund the partisan boondoggle of Obamacare. This was wrong and she knows it. It’s time we made healthcare affordable and accessible for every American.

We can replace Obamacare and we can do it by:

• Ending the sweetheart deals for big insurance companies and force them to compete for our business across state lines.

• Requiring insurers to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions and young people on their parents’ insurance, up to age 26.

• Eliminating the one-size-fits-all dictates from Washington and let regulate insurance companies and set coverage mandates.

• Allowing Americans to pool our purchasing power and let families, churches, associations, unions and nonprofits join together in association health plans.

• Fixing the FDA bureaucracy and accelerate approval of generics, and new drugs too.

Specifically, on the issue of covering everyone with pre-existing conditions, Senator McCaskill would have you believe that the only way to do it is through Obamacare. That’s a lie and she knows it. But that's how Chuck Schumer and Claire McCaskill plan to win control of the Senate. They are putting politics ahead of patients and they will do nothing to fix the healthcare mess they created. I’m committed to covering those with pre-existing conditions, and we don’t have to break the Constitution to do it.

Claire McCaskill has done what typical Washington politicians do, putting partisanship and the interests of the powerful pharmaceutical and insurance lobbies over the needs of Missouri families. That’s why she’s one of the largest recipients of insurance industry money to fund her campaign. Enough is enough.

4 – How do you believe the tax cuts going into place next year will impact average Americans?

Under President Trump, American families are seeing benefits and wage growth at a decade high, middle class incomes rising, blue collar job growth at its highest rate since 1984, and unemployment at its lowest level in decades. Meanwhile, Senator McCaskill has voted more than 200 times for higher taxes and fees on Missourians during her time in the Senate – and voted against the President’s middle-class tax cuts. If she had her way, she would vote with her party to undo these tax cuts and raise taxes on Missouri families again.

Claire McCaskill has spent 36 long years in politics, the last 12 in Washington, and what does she have to show for it? Jobs lost overseas. Working wages flat. Trade deals that benefit our competitors at the cost of our own people. Meanwhile, she’s gotten rich off taxpayer money, raking in more than $130 million in government subsidies for her family business. While people like McCaskill get rich, working people watch their futures fade away. We can do better than that, and the President needs a willing partner who can help him get the job done.

5 – Do you believe the borders of the United States are secure?

While illegal immigrants pour across our southern border, bringing drugs and gangs and lower wages with them, McCaskill won’t vote to build the President Trump’s proposed border wall. She won’t vote to secure the border. And she lavishly praises the extremists in her party who want to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

That’s bad enough. But now she is sponsoring the most radical open-border bill ever introduced in Congress. Her bill was written by California liberal Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein, and it would give a free pass to any illegal immigrant who brings a child to the border. She’s also trying to prevent the government from asking Americans about citizenship on the 2020 census. She wants illegal and undocumented immigrants to count toward a state’s representation in Congress, just like you and I do.

That’s wrong. That’s lawless. That’s not Missouri.

We need an immigration policy that works for the citizens of this country, not the global elite. That begins with securing the southern border. Enough apologies and temporizing. Build the wall. Fund the border patrol. Back ICE. You can count on me to fight for all of the above. Claire McCaskill will do anything to hold on to power, even lie to Missourians about her record on immigration. She’s willing to put our security at risk just to stand with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. We deserve better.

6 – Should transgender troops be allowed to serve in the United States Military?

The best people to decide these sorts of questions are the generals and officers responsible for ensuring the military is capable of carrying out its mission to defend the United States.

7 – Should the President testify before special counsel Robert Mueller?

Robert Mueller’s investigation has gone on long enough. After more than a year and millions of dollars, this probe has yet to show any evidence of Russian collusion. If Robert Mueller has evidence, he should present it to the public now or wrap up the investigation.

8 – Is the American election system secure from outside influence?

We must be clear-eyed about the threats we are facing and vigilant about ensuring the security and integrity of our elections.

9 – What are your top legislative priorities if elected?

I’m running for the Senate to represent the Heartland values that built this country. If elected, I will fight to make life easier for the middle class, to appoint conservative judges, to secure our border, to protect the most vulnerable members of our society, to ensure religious liberty, and to make sure that we grow the economy by taking on D.C. bureaucracy and regulatory red tape. I’ll put the people of Missouri first – to bring down education costs and increase wages for working families. We must also make quality, affordable healthcare available to every American by breaking through the alliance of Congress, Big Pharma and Big Insurance to reduce regulations, decrease costs, and give consumers more control over their healthcare choices. I also want to mandate protections for those with pre-existing conditions. Senator Claire McCaskill would have you believe that the only way to do it is through Obamacare. She’s wrong. In fact, she’s more concerned with defending Obama’s legacy than working across the aisle to provide those with pre-existing conditions the healthcare they need.

Senator McCaskill has left the people of our state behind and become just another Washington liberal, and she sides with Chuck Schumer every time it matters. Missouri deserves better.

10 – How do you believe the #MeToo movement has impacted our society?

Let me be clear: I strongly disapprove of any behavior that demeans women. Victims deserve the opportunity to be heard, and I support women coming forward to tell their stories and hold harassers accountable. As Attorney General, I have implemented a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment, and partnered with the Women’s Foundation to conduct a comprehensive review of existing discrimination and harassment policies across state government. Furthermore, I was pleased to see Congress eliminate the slush fund used to silence women who have been victims of harassment. Women who are victims of sexual assault deserve to be heard and sexual predators deserve to be prosecuted.

11 – How do you think the United States is perceived in the world today?

After eight years of “leading from behind” under President Obama and Senator McCaskill, President Trump has started to rebuild America’s influence abroad. He has re-established a foreign policy that is based on what’s best for Americans and our allies – by getting us out of the job-killing Paris Climate Accords, canceling the dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran, and moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, where it belongs. The President is renegotiating our trade agreements to make sure they support American workers. The world is seeing the return of American strength, and when I’m elected to the U.S. Senate, I will join President Trump in his efforts to regain our place as a global leader.

12 – What changes need to be made to U.S. immigration policy?

We need an immigration policy that secures our border and puts the safety of American citizens first. That begins with building the wall, ending sanctuary cities, and funding our border patrol. That’s what the people of Missouri voted for in 2016, and we need a Senator who isn’t afraid to follow through.

Next, we need to reform our legal immigration system to make it work for Missouri workers. For decades now, we’ve admitted millions of immigrants with few or no skills – the percentage of foreign-born is at its highest levels in nearly a century.

It’s time to do right by American workers. Limit the number of low-skilled immigrants who come to this country. End the visa lottery system. End chain migration. Replace that with a skills-based immigration system that prioritizes the training and know-how we need to create new jobs in this country for our own people.

13 – How do you feel about politicians use of Social Media?

I’m grateful for the chance to take my message directly to the people. Social media is a powerful way to stay in touch with the people of Missouri, to hear their questions and concerns, and to make sure I’m always working for them.

Obviously, there is a lot of ugliness and bias on social media, too. As Attorney General, I’m investigating big tech giants like Google and Facebook – for consumer privacy and data concerns of Missourians. I want to know what information these companies are gathering about us, what they are doing with it, and what third party groups they are giving it to. As social media users, we deserve transparency about how these companies work and what they are doing with our private information. This is an increasingly important issue as society relies more and more on social media to communicate today.

14 – Why do you want to be in Congress?

I grew up in a place called Lexington, Missouri, population 5,000. My mom was a teacher and then a stay at home mom, my dad was a community banker. My sister was in the U.S. Navy. It was a great place to grow up. It’s the kind of place that makes America great. But that way of life is under threat now and we’ve got a big choice in this election, between the heartland, middle class way of life, and the radical, left-wing agenda of the D.C. liberals. In 2016, Missouri voted to protect our way of life – to secure our border, to get pro-Constitution judges on the bench – but Senator McCaskill didn’t listen. After 12 long years in Washington, she’s become just another Washington liberal. And now she and her party have a radical plan to raise middle class taxes, to throw open our borders, to cut Medicare even more than they already have in order to pay for government-run health care. That’s not what Missourians want. What Missourians want is a Senator who hasn’t forgotten where they came from.

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