ST. LOUIS ( -- You've likely been told it's not necessary to call police after a minor crash, but is that really the best policy? 

"The day it happened, he showed me that information, they seemed legit, everything seemed fine and I wasn't worried about it," Lori Lewis told News 4. 

Lewis and the other driver exchanged insurance information on scene after the crash at Macklind and Fyler. She also took photos of both vehicles involved. The two then when their separate ways, but Lewis got an unpleasant surprise when she tried to contact the other driver's insurance company. 

“So I call the agent on the card and that’s when he says, ‘No, this policy belongs to someone else that the father used to be in a relationship with, but they had been separated over a year.' He was no longer on the policy and neither was the car," Lewis explained. 

Lewis says she immediately "went back to the police station and insisted on a report," but when she received the report, she says a lot of the information she gave to police was missing. 

News 4 reached out to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to find out why parts of the report were left blank. We were told police couldn't verify Lewis' story because they weren't on scene. 

In the end, Lori says she spent countless hours on the phone with the insurance company and speaking to police. She says she also spent over $1,800 to fix her car. 

"My main thing I want to get out is, I don't care if it's just a scratch or what they told you, call police on scene because I should've done it, and I'm really regretful that I didn't."

A spokesperson for the police department says drivers can always call police after a crash, even if there are no injuries and only minimal damage. Police will then keep a record of what happened. 

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