911 call centers throughout Illinois in danger of shutting down

911 systems throughout Illinois in danger of shutting down. (Credit: KMOV)

911 systems throughout Illinois are in danger of shutting down if state lawmakers cannot find a way to fund the system before their summer break.

"This is a matter of life and death and property," says Herb Simmons, executive director of 911 in St. Clair County.

Under current state law, funding for 911 in Illinois is set to expire on June 30. Lawmakers, unable to negotiate a state budget, will end the current session on May 31. If they can't at least fund 911, then funding to emergency call centers around the state will stop.

"It is crucial if June 30 comes and there's not a piece of legislation then we're in trouble," Simmons says.

House Assistant Majority Leader Jay Hoffman says lawmakers will be back in the state capitol on Sunday to try and work out a funding plan.

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