ROSEVILLE, CA. (KOVR) – A California flower shop is being bombarded with threats because a Texas business with the same name is owned by someone who is accused of storming the U.S. Capitol.

Becky’s Flowers in Roseville has received calls aimed at Jenny Cudd, who also owns a Becky’s Flowers, but her location is in Midland, Texas.

Kali Mitchell, the California Becky’s Flowers assistant manager, said she answered the phone one day and was “immediately met with, ‘Are you the [expletive] that stormed the Capitol?’”  

Cudd is charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly taking part in the riots. After leaving a virtual hearing following her arrest, Cudd reportedly told media outlets she would “do it again.”

“We’re getting attacked from the left, from the right, from people who really don’t care. People say, ‘I’m just here to troll you.’ It just shows you the ugly side of humanity I guess,” said California Becky’s Flowers owner Aaron Alberti.

“Like, I’m just trying to help run a business and do what I do from day to day, and yet I have to get hate and being called a terrorist and things like that,” Mitchell said.

Other Becky’s Flowers shops, some not even in the United States, are getting the same treatment, according to Alberti.

Alberti said while their shop is receiving bad reviews, Cudd’s social media is gone and so are her bad reviews.

“When I woke up Google had removed all of them.  So now she has a five-star rating, nobody can leave any reviews for her but they can still do it to us,” he said.

Becky’s Flowers in California now has a warning to customers on its website stating:

“ATTENTION: Our shop has NOTHING to do with the Becky’s Flowers in Midland, TX or any affiliation with Jenny Cudd. Our shop is in California. We did NOT storm the Capitol Building.”

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