CBS -- A California high school student is fighting back after being told she couldn't wear her Make America Great hat on school grounds. 

Clovis North High School senior, Maddie Mueller doesn't shy away from sharing her political views or wardrobe. She is a member of the right wing activist group, Valley Patriots. The group asked their members to wear their MAGA hats Wednesday. 

"How does being a patriot in trying to show pride in your country, how is that inappropriate?" said Mueller. 

Mueller was told she couldn't on campus, so she asked if she could wear any trump hat with school colors on it. 

The student says she was told no based on dress code restrictions. 

".... to my knowledge Trump is not a logo it's a last name, it's just our president, you can't claim the president is a logo, sports team or affiliated with any gang," she continued. 

The Clovis Unified School District's dress code does not specify if political hats or shirts are allowed.

CUSD's spokesperson Kelly Avants says the dress code is designated to make students learn without distractions.

"Bottom line for us is the dress code is for kids to feel safe at school and free of distractions so they can focus on learning," said Avants. 

Former Federal District Judge Oliver Wanger says the student's first amendment right is being stripped but the district may have the right to do so

"Here we are closer to shouting fire in a crowded theater," said Wanger. "If the hat is something that could invoke violence or invoke controversy then for the sake of the safety students the school is in their legal right."

Maddie Mueller - MAGA Cali girl

Mueller says she's been dress coded repeatedly for wearing T-shirts that say build the wall.

"I don't care if I offend anybody I'm just showing support for the president and what I believe."

Maddie's parents support her mission but she says her mom believes the consequences could be severe.

"She's worried they may hold me from graduating if I continue to vocal and do things like this," said Mueller.

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