BERKELY, Ca. (CBS News) -- Most people would agree we need to cut down on waste. But would you go as far as carrying around a cup at all times? The Berkeley city council is scheduled to vote on a cup fee on Tuesday, which means customers either have to bring their own cup or pay 25 cents for disposable cups.

“I don't think it's practical, because I can't bring a cup on the side of my pants,” said visitor Gary Levine.

“Walk around with a cup all day long? No way,” said Clifford Hobson, who works in the city.

“I would pay the quarter rather than be inconvenienced,” added Harriet Kasdan.

The 25-cent cup fee is the most controversial component of Berkeley's disposable Foodware and Litter Reduction ordinance.

A lot of people agree with the other elements, like requiring all dine-in foodware like forks and knives at restaurants to be reusable.

Take-out foodware like straws, cups, and utensils must be compostable, and they would be given only on request or at self-serve stations.

Councilwoman Sophie Hahn wrote the proposal with backing from the mayor, saying she was trying to encourage, “Behavior change to get people from a throw-away mentality to a reuse mentality.”

Some coffee shops, like Starbucks, give customers a discount if they bring their own cup, so why not take the carrot approach?

“There's actual data that shows that is the amount necessary to change behavior,” Hahn said.

Essentially, the councilwoman believes if you want to change behavior, sticks work better than carrots.

But even in the most progressive part of the Bay Area, many people in Berkeley find it hard to swallow.

Councilmembers plan to vote on the proposal Tuesday night. If it passes, the 25-cent fee goes into effect next year.

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