2 teenage girls who went missing in South St. Louis are found safe in Utah

13-year-old Lucy Hoelting and 14-year-old Grace Bosley went missing from South City on Sunday and were found in Utah on Tuesday. Credit: KMOV

There is new information in a bizarre case of two missing St. Louis teens who ended up in Utah.

The Metropolitan TaxiCab Commission (MTC) spokesman Richard Callow said they have been told a cab driver from St. Louis was involved in this cross-country trip.

Callow said MTC spoke with the driver and said his taxi license has been suspended ‘indefinitely’. The man is now not licensed to drive in the city or St. Louis County.

He said they cannot release the man’s name or the cab company involved since the situation is an ‘active investigation’.

On Super Bowl Sunday, a neighbor saw 13-year-old Lucy Hoelting and 14-year-old Grace Bosley get into a cab in south St. Louis.

They were later reported missing.

By Tuesday, the Emery County Sheriff’s Department was called in Utah after the girls ended up at a gas station in Green River, Utah about 1,200 miles away.

Attorney Albert Watkins talked with News 4 about what authorities would need to prove to charge someone in a case like this.

“All the federal authorities would need to be able to show is that there was a minor or in this case, two minors that were taken across state lines for immoral purposes,” said Watkins.

News 4 reached out to the FBI. It said it can’t provide details because the case is ongoing.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said no charges have been filed against the taxi cab driver.

Watkins said it is possible down the road that the cab company that the driver was working for could be held liable.

“They have a duty to do a background check, to make sure that those who are driving are not deviants to the extent that they are driving our children across the country,” said Watkins.

This investigation is ongoing.

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