Burglar runs over woman who caught him stealing from her home

Karla Wessels said a suspect who burglarized her home ran over her leg with his truck when he tried to get away. Credit: KMOV

A Jefferson County homeowner said she suffered scrapes and bruises but no broken bones when a burglar ran over her leg while fleeing her home.Karla Wessels told News 4 she came home from work Wednesday around 7 p.m. to her house in the Raintree Subdivision near Hillsboro and found a pickup in her driveway loaded with items belonging to her family. She said she saw a woman in the driveway and aman walking out of her backyard.

"And I asked him what are you doing and he said he was looking for chickens," said Wessels.Wessels said she stood in front of the pickup to keep the man from driving away but he put the vehicle in gear and gunned the engine."I don't know if it pushed me over or if I had slipped and fallen. And he pulled on out and as he did he ran over my leg," said Wessels.Jefferson County Sheriff's Department Capt. Gary Higginbotham said the female suspect stayed behind and was arrested on outstanding warrants and suspicion of burglary. He said the other suspect is a 48-year old man who lives in south St. Louis and that detectives are actively searching for him.Karla's husband, Tim Wessels, chased the suspect a short distance and was able to take photographs of the pickup he was driving. He said the burglar got away with cash and an odd assortment of items including a corkscrew, one beater from a hand mixer, a collectible gnome, scrap aluminum and a large blue trash barrel.Karla Wessels said she's glad she wasn't more seriously hurt but is upset about being victimized.

Wessels said, "For us not to feel safe in our home, that's a terrible feeling."The male suspect who got away could face serious charges when he's caught.Capt. Higginbotham said, "Vehicles, a few years back were defined as deadly weapons and it raises charges as far as deadly weapons."Copyright 2017 KMOV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

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