Burglar breaks into home where toddler is left home alone

Sophilia Banks allegedly left her 3-year-old daughter home alone for hours.

A 3-year-old child in Bellefontaine Neighbors was allegedly left home alone, locked in a bedroom with no water or supervision, when a burglar broke into the home."I have four daughters of my own, all adults now, I would never ever put them in a position like that," said a neighbor, who felt "disgust, mostly," when she heard about the toddler left home alone.After neighbors noticed a kicked-in door at a home along Oran Drive, residents of the neighborhood called the police, believing a burglar could be inside.Police walked out of the home with the 3-year-old child, who authorities said was found asleep in a urine-soaked diaper, with no water and only a plate of old chicken nuggets to eat."It can't be acceptable, not for a 3-year-old child," said a neighbor. "Someone should have been babysitting."Officials said the room the child was found in was hotter than the rest of the house and had a rope tied to the door handle so the girl would not be able to get out."Even if the baby would've woke up, [the burglar(s)] could have slapped the baby, or beat the baby, or even took the baby," a neighbor said, who was relieved the toddler was not hurt.The investigation was centered on the child's mother, Sophilia Banks, who officials said had been gone hours before the child was found. Banks told police she had to go to work and had no option other than leaving the toddler home alone."There's no excuse, but at the same time, we have a lot of these single parents out here trying to make a living for their children," said a neighbor. "Yet, I believe she made the wrong mistake by leaving the kid at home."Neighbors told News 4 they offered to watch Banks' daughter if she ever needed help, but she never asked them.

The burglar did not appear to come across the baby, who is now with Child Protective Services. Banks is charged with child endangerment.

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