Bullets fly into south St. Louis apartments at the start of 2018

Shots fired on when the clock hit midnight on New Year's came very close to a woman in an apartment near the intersection of Detonty and Lawrence. Credit: KMOV

It's a New Year's tradition that hit too close to home for some south St. Louis residents.

"It sounded like Iraq over here!" said Jamal Mitchell.

Jamal Mitchell told News 4 frightening gunfire is how he'll remember the start of 2018.

New Year's celebrators sent shots towards the Shaw apartment building he calls home.

Bullet holes and broken glass cover the property, but none in his unit.

He told News 4 one of his neighbors wasn't as fortunate.

"It came right through her headboard and almost killed her," said Mitchell. "That's some crazy s*** man!"

"This one came in and it hit the headboard right here."

News 4 talked to the woman who was inches away from her life being over as the new year began.

"It almost killed me, and it's terrible," said the woman.

Her identity, being kept secret as she fears for her life while officers investigate the incident.

"I'm scared, my little nephew always sleeps with me. They were downstairs, but they could've been here."

"She's afraid and I have had other tenants who are possibly moving," said Alex Von Ruecker. Von Ruecker's family owns the properties hit by the hail of gunfire near the corner of Detonty and Lawrence.

He told News 4 over a dozen bullet holes and eight shattered windows are what they have to deal with as a result of the revelers' actions.

"You can't stop the people that want to do this," said Von Ruecker.

The gunfire was captured on a backyard surveillance camera.

Shots were fired on and off for nearly 10 minutes after the clock struck 12 on New Year's night.

"I mean if you're going to shoot and it's New Year's Eve, shoot up in the air," said Mitchell. "Why would you shoot at someone's building?"

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