Brother of innocent by-stander shot during police-involved shooting speaks out

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Police are not releasing any more information about thee two officers shot Friday. But, News 4 is learning more about the third victim hurt in the shooting.

The third person was a young mother struck by a stray bullet.

Tamara Collier is the mother of a one and five-year-old. She was minding her business doing laundry inside a house when two men ambushed two St. Louis officers. The five-year-old child was at school. The one-year-old child was home with mom. Collier's brother told News 4, the baby was covered in blood after her mom was shot.

Stacey Collier, II was at work when he got a call about his sister from his mother.

"At first, I was confused, very worried and shaken up. I did not know if she was alive. My mom just said she was shot," said Collier, II.

Others in the neighborhood around 9th Street and New Haven Court were also shaken.

First responders rushed Tamara Collier to the hospital. Collier, II soon joined his family.

"It felt like an eternity waiting for school to let out, getting up there with a bunch of red lights, so it felt like an eternity," added Collier, II.

He learned his sister was shot in the neck, but also alive. Collier, II revealed his sister was inside a house doing laundry when she was shot.

"It felt like a scene from a movie. She was minding her own business, and the next thing you know, a bullet goes through her neck," added Collier, II.

Collier, II never imagined someone in his family being part of something so gruesome.

"Her daughter has her blood all over her. My mom walks in and sees my sister's daughter walking towards her covered with blood and then spots my sister lying on the floor," added Collier, II.

The victim's brother blames the suspects and police for his sister's injury. He wonders why any of them decided to shoot, but knows it was not enough rip apart his family.

"We're a very strong family. When things occur that are challenging, we may be down for a little minute, but will get right up to start fighting, planning and figuring out what we need to do from here," added Collier, II.

Part of figuring things out, Collier, II said, is who's going to pay for his sister's medical care and recovery.

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