ST. LOUIS ( -- Have you ever been driving and thought those headlights were bright? Well, it is not just you, AAA said headlights really are getting brighter.

A St. Louis AAA spokesperson, Phil Linck, told News 4 as technology progresses in cars, headlights are brighter. He said car makers have gone from sealed beam headlights to the high-intensity ones.

“Headlights have gotten a little brighter,” said Linck. “It’s a safety aspect, it’s a speed aspect too. As cars go a little faster, you want to see a little father sooner. Headlights years ago would project so far, these go a little father but cars are going a little faster now.”

Linck said the brighter lights are likely so drivers can see better in low-light conditions. The lights can be blinding at times. AAA said SUV’s are infamous for it because they sit higher, meaning the light will hit you right at eye level which messes with our eyes

News 4 found out there are federal regulations that limit headlight brightness, but it is not easy to enforce.

According to AAA, headlights may not be getting any dimmer, but companies are trying to alter how the light is diffused.

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