BRENTWOOD, Mo. ( -- The City of Brentwood has agreed to pay for repairs on a woman's car after it was damaged by a tree. 

Bonnie Cox said she had called the city three times over the last several months because the tree was leaning, but never got a response.

The tree fell on top of her car on a rainy day with thunderstorms. 

READ: Brentwood woman wants city to foot bill after tree falls, totals her car 

Her insurance wouldn't cover the costs and she asked the city to cover the costs. 

The city has finally agreed to do so after News 4 shared her story last week.

"Your story helped tremendously. It got the ball rolling and I appreciate it very much," Cox said. "If it weren't for you I don't think it would have went this far. I don't think it would have happened, that's why I'm very grateful for you"

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