ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. ( - Data showing the breakdown of COVID-19 cases by zip code was released by St. Charles County health officials Sunday afternoon and is constantly being updated.

April 13 St Charles zip code COVID cases

As of Tuesday evening, 271 St. Charles County residents have tested positive for COVID-19. Nince residents have died from the virus.

The graphic shows that the largest number for a single zip code, 57, comes from an area that goes from I-70 to the north and east, covering part of St. Charles City.

Overall, the majority come from an area in the central part of the county along I-70, with a smaller number in areas along I-64.

More rural parts of the county, such as the southwestern portion and northeastern portion near the Illinois state line, have hardly any cases.

Below is a full breakdown:

  • 63301 (St. Charles City) - 57 cases - 4 deaths
  • 63376 (St. Peters) - 43 cases
  • 63303 (also St. Charles City) - 32 cases
  • 63366 (O'Fallon) - 31 cases - 2 deaths
  • 63368 (also O'Fallon) - 22 cases - 1 death
  • 63304 (St. Charles) - 27 cases - 1 death
  • 63367 (Lake St. Louis) - 16 cases
  • 63385 (Wentzville) - 20 cases
  • 63341 - 3 cases
  • 63362 - 1 case
  • 63357 - 1 case

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