Robert Thomas and the 11 (soon to be 12) members of the Hanlon family, who lost their home in a fire.

ST. LOUIS ( -- An Imperial, Missouri family got a big surprise Wednesday when Blues forward Robert Thomas showed up with a gift.

Tim and Colleen Hanlon went from triumph to tragedy when, just days after the Blues won their first Stanley Cup, they received the call that changed their lives.

The Hanlons and their nine children had watched Game 7 together, then gone to the championship parade, then on a family trip.

It was on that trip, just one day after the parade, that a neighbor called and told them their home was on fire.

The family lost everything.

"Everything burned or had smoke damage," Colleen told "We lost everything in the house."

To make matters worse, Colleen had just found out their 10th child was on the way.

The Hanlons spent the next months staying with friends and family before finding an undersized rental house as a temporary home.

But Wednesday, they got an unexpected visitor.

Thomas, who heard the Hanlon’s story, showed up with hockey gear for the family.

"I heard about what happened right after the parade," Thomas told the family. "We decided to stop by and we have a gift bag for you, and if you come outside, we've got some new hockey gear for you."

The 20-year-old NHL champion brought hockey sticks for every kid, two street hockey nets, and a box of street hockey balls.

After hanging out and playing a few games with the kids, he signed autographs for anyone who asked- even the neighbors.

"This is incredible," Colleen told the site. "For somebody who is famous and does this stuff to want to come here and hang out with our kids… it means so much. It makes the kids so happy. This is a dream come true and this is their wildest dream."


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