ST. LOUIS ( -- Coronavirus hospitalizations are pushing the brim, as the number of patients admitted into St. Louis hospitals continue to swell.

“While hospitals are almost full the virus continues to spread like wildfire,” said Dr. Alexander Garza.

Barnes Jewish Hospital leaders said because of the demand, they’ve had to start transferring adult patients to their Children’s Hospital.

[READ: St. Louis hospitals days away from reaching capacity as coronavirus spreads like 'wildfire']

In a statement from the Barnes Jewish officials said: “BJC HealthCare is coordinating bed capacity across its entire system to help accommodate the growing number of COVID-19 hospitalizations. As part of this effort, some short-stay adult patients may be cared for at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. This is a temporary measure meant to provide quality, compassionate, timely care, in coordination with the patient’s attending physician at Barnes-Jewish.”

St. Louis resident Bill Haas says he wishes state leaders will issue a mask mandate to provide relief for local hospitals.

“We need to social distance, this isn’t going to get better on its own,” said Haas.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force called on Governor Parson to enforce a mask mandate last week. Parson knocked down that request leaving this decision up to local leaders.

This week, Garza said ICU units at majority of St. Louis metro hospitals are around 90% capacity.

“We have to make choices about who can be helped with the limited resources available, and make choices about who can't be helped and that is a dilemma no health care worker ever wants to face,” said Garza.

We also checked with Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. They say right now they are not at the point where they have to consider using their children’s hospitals for additional ICU space.

However, SSM says they have had to use some of Cardinal Glennon’s staff to help at other SSM hospitals.

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