ST. LOUIS ( -- 33-year old St. Louis firefighter Ben Polson is being remembered as someone who was carefree, easygoing and friendly.

"He was genuinely one of the nicest people you'd ever meet," said Justin Lux. 

Lux, a producer at News 4, met Polson at age 14 when they both attended St. John Vianney High School.

"And I was lucky enough to call him a best friend now for almost 20 years," he said.

Polson was one of the firefighters from engine house 13 who responded to a call around noon on Thursday for a fire at a 2-story brick building at 5971 Cote Brilliante. Firefighters had made to the second floor because a 911 call had indicated their might be people inside.

The fire got too intense and as firefighters were making their way toward a door, the roof collapsed and Polson was killed by falling debris.

Lux said Polson grew up in a firehouse because his father had been a fire captain with the St. Louis Fire Department. Polson, he said, didn't originally set out to be a firefighter.

"He has an undergrad in economics. He then got an MBA and went to law school. And then he eventually moved out to Colorado, became a ski instructor, did that for a couple years," said Lux.

Lux said he and Polson were roommates at Missouri State University. 

Lux said he regrets that Polson never got the chance to meet his newborn son. Funeral arrangements for Polson are pending. BackStoppers is assisting Polson's family.

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