ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( The Missouri Attorney General’s office has launched an investigation into a troubled apartment complex in north St. Louis County.
Multiple residents of the Springwood Apartments told News 4 their apartments were condemned for safety violations.
All of the residents of building 9003 were forced to find a new place to live after Bel-Ridge city officials discovered rotted stair supports and crumbling concrete on a second floor walkway.
On Thursday Quintiana Willis, who lives in a different building, told News 4 that city officials condemned her unit on Tuesday.
Willis and her 10-year-old son are still living inside the condemned unit because they have no place to go.
She says the apartment is filled with moisture and mold. She’s worried because her son suffers from health issues.
Willis says one of her bedroom's was leaking and apartment officials "couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from” and adds her son’s bedroom remains wet despite a fan being placed inside.
She says management hasn’t offered to pay for a hotel room and she doesn’t have any information about whether her unit will be repaired.
According to Bel-Ridge officials, landlords are required to pay for alternative housing if a unit is condemned.

The complex is operated by TEH Realty based in Kansas City.
According to the TEH website, the company owns several apartment complexes in the St. Louis region.
Willis and others tenants told News 4 that they were offered an opportunity to move to a different complex but no moving expenses were offered.
Willis also says moving would require her son to switch schools.
Most tenants told News 4 they pay market rate rent, but some tenants do receive Section 8 housing assistance.
According to the St. Louis County Housing Authority TEH receives subsidy for 129 units throughout St. Louis County and received $350,000 in payments over the last fiscal year.

Of the 129 vouchers paid to TEH, only 7 are for units at the Springwood Apartments.
On Wednesday Iliana Kilgore, who receives Section 8, showed News 4 a shattered window in her bedroom.

Kilgore says a “random person” broke out the window and she reported it in May.

Several months later, it remains broken with large pieces of broken glass hanging from the frame.

Kilgore has two children under the age of 4 and expressed concerns for their safety.
The Deputy Director of the St. Louis County Authority calls the situation “absolutely unacceptable.”
John Fraser says the agency is compiling a list of landlords they consider “less responsive” and that list includes the owners of Springwood Apartments.
Fraser added, “we’re going to be contacting these landlords that are less responsive. We are going to be short with our patience going forward with some of these landlords."
According to the TEH website the company started in Isreal in 2006, and entered the US market in 2008.
The company began purchasing real estate in Pennsylvania, before acquiring properties in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Tulsa.
The website claims TEH owns 3,400 apartments in those cities.
News 4 has contacted the TEH corporate office via phone and email multiple times over the past two days, but so far has received no response.

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