ST. LOUIS ( -- The St. Louis school bus driver seen in a now-viral video being assaulted by two women spoke out about the encounter Friday, saying the whole ordeal started with a fight on the bus between two students.

Patrula Griffin, who spoke to News 4 Friday morning, said the day started normally, but quickly changed, when she was asked to pick up an extra route, a route that has been problematic for drivers recently.

Watch: St. Louis school bus driver hit with stick, assaulted while dropping kids off

On the route home, Griffin said two girls got into a fight in the back of the bus.

"Both looked like they could have been maybe 9 or 10 years old," Griffin said. "So I stopped the bus and I separated them. Well, I told the one who was the aggressor to stay in the back of the bus and I brought the other young lady to the front of the bus. Well, I never got a chance to pull off again because when I asked the young lady to sit down, I can't proceed on until you have a seat, she told me 'no', she wasn't going to sit down and then other fights began to break out on the bus."

While the other fights were ongoing, the girl who was supposed to stay in the back of the bus came to the front. Griffin said while that was going on, she was trying to talk to the girl, as well as her command base.

"The child that was aggressor - when she got home to her mother, because she got off the bus, she lied to her mother when she got home. She said I pulled her off the bus and I had told another child to jump on her," Griffin explained, adding that this is an ongoing problem on that route daily.

Griffin said on the day before her incident, she heard another driver on the radio say the kids were acting aggressively.

Griffin said that when the woman initially confronted her, she jumped on the bus.

"She proceeded to call me every name in the book and then she punched me in the face."

"God spoke to me... at that point when she started to yank me off the bus... I just knew that when she got me off of the bus it was over. So when she finally got me off the bus and I heard God say just stay still...just let them do whatever they're going to do, I got you," Griffin said, who showed her cuts and bruises. "As they were hitting me, I didn't feel a thing."

"If I had done anything different, I might have been Patrula Griffin, Rest In Peace today, instead of Patrula Griffin I'm so glad you're okay," Griffin said, saying she knew God was in control.

"If it hadn't have been me, it would have been somebody else," Griffin said, adding that "I do truly forgive them for what they have done."

Patrula Griffin

Patrula Griffin (KMOV)

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