The record-setting flooding has devastated homes in the Arnold area. The Meramec River crested at 47.2 feet in the area on Thursday afternoon, receding to 44.4 feet Friday afternoon. But the flooding has left many homes in the area affected by water damage.

Homeowners in a neighborhood off of Starling Airport Road returned home Friday to assess the damage and begin cleanup efforts, but several found out they had lost everything.

“I do not wish this on my worst enemy,” Stacy Robinson, a flood victim said. “It’s devastating because I mean my friends live there and they lost their homes.”

Robinson is trying to recover from the stress of frantic efforts to save her home from rising floodwater. She had eight feet of water in her basement, but is worried about neighbors who got much more.

It’s estimated 100 homes in that area of town were flooded. Jason Thomas built a sandbag wall five-to-six feet high and it still wasn’t enough.

“The water was coming in too fast the sand amount wasn’t there for us, we would have had to have the corps of engineers to save my house,” Thomas said.

As the water recedes, efforts will be made to pump water out of the sewer system, return electricity to residents and getting building inspectors in to assess structural damage. The fallout is tremendous from the historic flooding, which is the worst in the town's history.

“I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never see it like this,” flood victim Veronica Tate said.

It may take days for the water to recede and months to do all the cleaning and repairs. But flood victims are anxious to get the clock started on returning to normal schedules.

“The effort right now is just get the basement pumped out and get electricity where we can get electricity." said resident J.R. Northcutt. "Get it inspected and hopefully get everything back to being rebuilt."

The City of Arnold also plans on picking up sandbags once the water is down and will bring in dumpsters for flood victims to throw away flood-damaged material.Copyright 2015 KMOV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

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