WATERLOO, Ill. (KMOV.com) -- Three members of a family, including a toddler, who were aboard a small plane that crashed in Monroe County, Illinois Tuesday afternoon have been identified.

Michael Stodard, 62, his wife Rebecca, 61, and their 4-year-old grandson were on board.

The site of the crash was near Gilmore Lake Road and Floraville Road, northeast of Waterloo. According to authorities, three people had to be extricated from the plane, which is registered to an address in Alabama.

The three were reportedly on their way to visit relatives in the St. Louis area.

They were rescued by a police officer who lives only feet from where the plane crashed.

“I have been in law enforcement for 20 years and the training does payoff,” said Trin Daws.

Authorities say the plane crashed after a warning light came on, and some type of malfunction occurred, causing oil to cover the windshield, making it hard for anyone to see. The plane then clipped some trees and took a nose dive.

The plane landed in a ditch. Daws then sprang into action.

“I found a fire extinguisher lying next to it and myself and another gentleman broke the windows out and that’s when we heard a child crying," he said.

Daws said they then pulled out all three passengers.

ARCH medical helicopters were dispatched to the scene to transport at least one passenger. Everyone on board was taken to a hospital in an unknown condition.

Editor's note: When News 4 crews first arrived to the plane crash site, officials said four people, three adults and a toddler, were on the aircraft when it crashed. Early Wednesday morning, an official with the sheriff's office corrected the earlier statement and said two adults and a toddler were the only ones on the plane at the time.

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