Apparent human skull found in north St. Louis

Investigators on the scene after an apparent human skull was found in north St. Louis (Credit: KMOV)

Police say a human skull found in north St. Louis. They say Laclede Gas workers found it in a wooded area off Riverview Blvd near I-70 around 9 a.m. Thursday.

While they're releasing few details, News 4 wanted to know just how investigators approach this type of situation. "It's the objects that are around. The thing you find the skull or whatever that tell you the most about what's happening there to help you figure out the crime or in the case of archeologists the people that lived there," said Joe Harl, a primary investigator with Archeology Research center of St. Louis.Harl knows a lot about investigating human remains. He says while the investigation looks like a crime scene, police have other possibilities they have to rule out."They'll be able to determine if it’s a crime scene or if it’s a prehistoric graves that turned up a lot of them have turned up in that area or possibly if it’s an old graveyard," said Harl. Police are staying tight lipped about their investigation. News 4 saw several homicide detectives searching the wooded area. The medical examiner and crime lab unit were also there.Harl said, "They'll look and see the circumstances of the skull how it got there such as was it transported from another place many different things."Harl said its beneficial to find a skull because you can learn a lot about the person"You can tell the age of the person, you can tell whether it's a male or female, you can tell their ethnicity you can even do facial reconstruction and other kinds of things to determine if it is a crime scene they could do that and post a picture of the person as well to help find who it is."Right now, police say the medical examiner is working on finding out those details

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