The puppies are almost out of newspaper! Here's how to help the APA

The APA Adoption Center is asking for donations of newspaper for their puppies (Credit; APA / Twitter)

BRENTWOOD, Mo. ( -- The Animal Protective Association in Brentwood was hit by burglar Friday afternoon, having their entire donation jar stolen. 

According to APA director Sarah Javier, in what felt like a well-planned operation, a man came into the center, grabbed the jar and hopped into a waiting car. 

The car was waiting just out of range of the facility's cameras, so no license plate was visible. 

Javier estimated there was around $160 in the box. While that may not seem like a lot of money, that amount is enough to care for one animal throughout its entire stay at the facility, barring major medical bills. 

There are no camera's inside the non-profit's offices, but Javier said they plan to invest in them for the future. 

A woman was inside the center when the theft happened, and after seeing the suspect make off with the money, made a sizable donation to help the center recoup some of the loss. 

Police said they are unlikely to catch the suspect, given the vehicle's plates were never seen. 

The theft caps a bad week for the APA, as woman twice attempted to bring a large bag into the shelter to kidnap a puppy. She was caught by staff on Wednesday, and Friday she spotted returning with the same bag and was barred from the facility. 

If you would like to donate to the APA, click here. 


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