O'FALLON, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- Members of the St. Charles County Parents Association held an anti-vaccine protest at a vaccination clinic Tuesday for children ages 5-11 in O'Fallon, Missouri.

One concerned parent who heard about the protest, went to the Missouri branch of of the St. Charles City-County Library to see it for herself. Aimee Robertson said she watched as children walked up to the building with their parents and appeared to be frightened when they saw the protesters.

"There's no way that's not intimidating to a little kid who's already scared and now questioning is my mommy giving me something that could hurt me," said Robertson.

About a dozen protesters held signs that read, "Vaccination = depopulation" and "No jabs, no tests, fake" and had a syringe with a red substance in it. Another sign read "protect children."

Another parent with concerns about the protest, Emily Winham, told News 4 that people who don't want to be vaccinated will often say that their choice should be respected. But, she said, the protest showed a lack of respect for parents who chose to get themselves and their children vaccinated.

"I know that they have a right to do this but that doesn't make it the correct thing to do morally," she said.

The group behind the protest is the same group that's suing St. Charles County government and the county health department over school quarantine rules. News 4 reached out to the group to get a comment about the protest but have not received a response yet.

Robertson said she respects the group's first amendment rights to express their stance on vaccination but said it was wrong to do it in a place where the protest risks frightening children.

The St. Charles County Parents Association's website shows the group is planning another protest at the St. Peters' library branch on Monday. Robertson said she plans plans to be there with others using bubble makers, music and fist bumps to encourage the children and distract them from the protesters.


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