ST. PETERS, Mo. ( – Recycling is a conscious effort for many, but it can be confusing to know if you’re doing it correctly.

The recycling myth that fools the most people is a drink container, such as for orange juice, because even though it is mostly cardboard it can’t be recycled because the inside is lined with a thin layer of plastic. The St. Peters recycling team told News 4 their machines cannot separate the plastic from the cardboard.

Currently, the St. Peters Recycling Center is the only plant in Missouri that does a dual stream service, which means O’Fallon and St. Peters residents who recycle put everything in one bin versus using two separate bins. The dual streaming allows residents to do the separating themselves by putting recyclables into blue bags the city provides for free. The method is reportedly more efficient and cost effective because there is less chance for contamination.

“By us keeping ours separated we don't get the contamination,” said Cheryl Hanks-Sinecki, director of environmental services for St. Peters. “As you can see with our white paper here. you don't see any food product on it or any moisture on it, so we can sell it for a higher price because it is so clean"

Another recycling myth is contamination. Items don’t need to be completely clean and washed out to be recycled but you should keep the cap or lid on the items you’re recycling to prevent it from spreading.

While some plants won’t allow glass to be recycled, the St. Peter’s center will take the item to recycle.

“Your garden hoses are not recyclable even though they're a rubber, we can't do it. The red solo cups, those aren't recyclable, those are a number four, they're actually Styrofoam," said Hanks-Sinecki.

An official with the St. Peters Recycling Center told News 4 the largest item recycled there was an aluminum John Boat and the most bizarre was a Little Tyke playground swing set. 

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