Ammo shortage impacting North Texas, much of the country during uncertain times

The ammunition shortage effecting the majority of the U.S. has hit North Texas hard.

Fort Worth, TX (KTVT) -- The ammunition shortage effecting the majority of the U.S. has hit North Texas hard.

Chris Mayhall, who owns Intrepid Shooting Sports in Fort Worth, said, “This is the biggest run we’ve seen and also the longest run we’ve seen.”

The run on ammunition is mostly on pistol calibers.

Mayhall says there are three reasons for it: Concerns and insecurities over the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest and worries over how the presidential election will pan out.

“If Biden is elected then we’ll see a larger increase because people will be worried about their rights being taken away,” said Mayhall. “If Trump gets re-elected I forecast some people thinking there will be more unrest. Either way we will see an increase to what we are seeing.”

He says the ammo sales at his store are up 300% compared to this time last year.

The stocking up of ammo is also serving as a red flag for criminologist like Dr. Alex del Carmen from Tarleton State University.

“For us it is a very concerning effect that it really does measure the temperature of our country and the level of public panic,” said del Carmen.

Experts believe the supply and demand in ammunition in the U.S. won’t normalize until at least next summer.

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