Fallen Grove sign

Overnight high winds knocked down the iconic sign in The Grove.

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- Overnight high winds and rain caused thousands of power outages in the bi-state area as well as fallen trees, roof damage, and even an upended sidewalk.

Sidewalk wind damage

This sidewalk was upended by a tree knocked over by strong winds overnight.

Over 4,000 people remain without power in the bi-state area Sunday, according to the Ameren Outage Map.

Nearly 36,000 were without power around 6 a.m. Sunday.

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Ameren said more than 500 field and support personnel will be working to restore services. Ameren expects most customers will have their service restored by Monday morning. 

"We start with the jobs that are going to get the most people' lights back on," Ameren VP of Operations Kevin Anders said. 

South St. Louis County was hit the hardest with downed power lines and outages. North St. Louis County was the second highest concentration of outages. 

Ameren said to call 911 or Ameren at 800-552-7583 if you see a downed power line.

To check outages, visit the Ameren Outage Map.

What caused these high winds?

News 4's Steve Templeton said this was not due to a thunderstorm but these were non-storm gusts up to 60 mph. 

Grove sign being put back in place

He said while it could have been caused by strong winds aloft being steered down to the surface, there is evidence it may have been due to a "wake low", which are localized areas of low pressure that develop behind, or in the wake of, rain. In this small pocket of low pressure, wind rushes to fill in the low pressure causing intense wind gusts.


At around 3 a.m. Sunday, as rain exited St. Louis, there were sharp pressure drops and the intense wind gusts kicked up to 40 to 60 mph causing sporadic damage. The winds went on to the northeast of St. Louis and caused further damage before subsiding, These are not predictable and occur over a relatively small area as the rain exits.

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