North County Police Cooperative officers were called to investigate a report of shots being fired from a car in the 8300 block of Page Avenue on the night of Sept.19.

According to the police report, an eyewitness said several shots were fired from a white Chevrolet Impala in the direction of a burgundy car.While police were investigating, officers saw a car matching the description of the Impala and chased it but, the report states, the car stopped and two people inside jumped out and ran away. Police said the license plates on the car are assigned to Alorton city administrator Lamar Gentry. However, the report said a supervisor at the Alorton Police Department claimed the plates belong to the police department.News 4 reached out to Gentry, as well as Alorton Mayor Joann Reed and Police Chief David Clark to ask them why an Alorton city vehicle was involved in crime in north St. Louis County and who was driving the vehicle, but none of them were at city hall, nor responded to our messages.News 4 learned the vehicle was never reported as stolen and, according to the North County Police Cooperative, an Alorton trustee claimed a city employee was driving the white Chevy Impala at the time. Police are not releasing the name of that employee.The Alorton city vehicle was towed to All-American towing in the 6400 block of Spencer. After a week someone with the city paid $545 to have to vehicle released. It’s currently parked outside the home of city administrator, Gentry. The license plates have been removed.

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