WENTZVILLE, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- A man arrested and charged in connection to a Wentzville bank robbery could be linked to bank robberies in Kansas and Texas, police say.

Karsten Hardeman mugshot

Police said Karsten Hardeman is facing charges for robbing a Wentzville bank and could be connected to bank robberies in Texas and Kansas.

Police said Karsten Hardeman was arrested Wednesday in connection to a bank robbery at 1st Financial Credit Union in Wentzville, Mo.

Police said Hardeman entered the bank sometime around 5 p.m. Wednesday and demanded money from the tellers. The tellers complied and the suspect left on foot, police said.

A responding officer went to the bank on foot, because the bank is right across the street from the police department.

Police said the officer found the then unidentified Hardeman sitting on the curb in the police department’s parking lot. The officer noticed Hardeman matched the suspect’s description given over dispatch.

When the officer made contact with Hardeman and had him hold up his hands, the officer noticed several $100 bill fall out of the his sweatshirt.

Hardeman was then taken into custody, identified and charged.

Police said Hardeman caused a disturbance at a local towing company just hours before his arrest where his vehicle was towed from another local agency after an arrest. The Wentzville Police Department said it was notified of the disturbance and responded to the towing company.

The responding officer made contact with Hardeman and immediately recovered drugs and a large amount of money. While Haldeman was held for the misdemeanor drug violation, the officer continued the drug investigation because of the large amount of money found.

Further investigation lead officers to obtain a search warrant to search Hardeman’s vehicle. The search warrant revealed several items including two masks, a computer and a cell phone.

Police investigated the items discovered information which directed them toward the robbery.

Police said a national intelligence bulletin was issued from the department after Hardeman's arrest. The information could link Hardeman to bank robberies in Kansas and Texas, police said.

The Wentzville PD is working with the FBI and agencies in Texas and Kansas.

Hardeman was transferred to the St. Charles County Department of Corrections on his charges with a 100,000 cash only bond.

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