Allegations of DEA misconduct threaten St. Louis drug ring case

Alleged DEA agent misconduct was the center of a hearing in St. Louis on October 17. Credit: KMOV

Evidence is a case against a suspected St. Louis drug ring could be in jeopardy due to an investigation into the conduct of four agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

This week, a federal judge in St. Louis revealed a group DEA agents in Atlanta are the subject of a criminal investigation into alleged misconduct. The accusations against the agents include falsifying statements and theft of government funds.

Those accusations could impact a separate case against four men accused of narcotics distribution in St. Louis as part of the "Black Family Mafia."

Some of the men are also being connected by federal authorities with two retaliation killings of potential witnesses in St. Louis.

Attorneys for the four defendants in St Louis are contesting the evidence in the case, since it is believed the investigation in St. Louis started with information from the DEA office in Atlanta.

In documents obtained by News 4, it is alleged that a Supervisor Agent in Atlanta had a sexual relationship with a confidential female source, who later provided information on the St. Louis case.

The female source was also allegedly paid by the DEA. The Administration's reports were falsified to justify the payments to the source. It is also alleged the payments were equal to the source's rent payments and totaled over $200,000.

Additionally, it is alleged the source was still paid, even though she provided no information to law enforcement.

The source was instructed to lie to investigators about her sexual relationship, according to the documents.

A Franks Hearing will be held to contest the credibility of the information from the female source, and the DEA office in Atlanta on the suspected drug ring.

A Franks Hearing is a rare occurrence and usually involves allegations that law enforcement lied or misrepresented reasons for a search warrant.

In the Franks Hearing, the court will make a final decision.

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