Mike Prinzi

Mike Prinzi spent 74 days at Mercy Hospital Washington after being infected with COVID-19.

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – A father of four and a grandfather to three calls not getting the COVID-19 vaccine the “biggest regret of his life,” according to his son.

Mike Prinzi’s son, Eric, shared the story with Mercy. Eric disclosed that his dad and mom were both diagnosed with COVID-19 in April 2021. While mom recovered at home, dad was admitted to the ICU at Mercy Hospital Washington.

“Dad says, ‘You do not realize what this does to a family. How hard it is. I wish I could take it back,’” recalled Eric.

Mike was placed on a ventilator for 48 of the 74 days he was hospitalized. After being discharged from the hospital, Eric says his dad continues to receive extensive treatment and care at home.

“Regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, dad says, ‘There’s no excuse now not to get it. There are enough stories of people like me to show that this is real. Look at the numbers. Look at the number of people hospitalized without the vaccine. It will find you like it found me.’ He goes on to say, ‘Trust the doctors and health care professionals, and think of them, too. What happens when they get burned out, or there aren’t enough of them? What are we going to do, handle this ourselves—no, we can’t. We need them,’” said Eric.

Eric remembered going to the hospital on his birthday to visit his father. He said while he was being checked in, the front desk staff sang “happy birthday” to him. “I could barely keep it together on the way to the elevator,” he recalled.  

The family shared their story in hopes that it reaches at least one person who then chooses to get vaccinated.

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