Affton parent angry after he says 5th grader ate chips with marijuana in them at school

A bag of chips. Credit: KMOV

A man is speaking out after his stepdaughter ate chips with marijuana on them at school.

"It really baffles me," said Jim Stephens

Stephens said his stepdaughter attends Gotsch Intermediate School in Affton. Last Wednesday, the fifth-grader was offered potato chips by another student and after eating a few she felt funny.

"She subsequently became a little nauseated and unsure and then they discovered that the bag of chips had marijuana in it," said Stephens.

Stephens said the school district contacted his wife and the parents of the other student involved. Still, he believes more should've been done.

"They should notify every parent," said Stephens. "They notify us for all kinds of reasons."

News 4 reached out to Affton School District. Administrators wouldn't talk on camera, but provided a statement:Affton School District is aware of a conversation that was posted on social media and has since been removed, and are concerned about misinformation that is being shared. While we aren’t able to comment on an ongoing investigation, all reported safety concerns of our students are investigated immediately and thoroughly. Every time an incident occurs involving the safety of our students and schools, it is imperative that we communicate with our families. Our responsibility must be to balance between the parties who need to know and the confidentiality and privacy of our students. There are times when a letter to one classroom, a school, or even the entire district are appropriate; however, there are other instances when only the parents or guardians of the student(s) directly involved will be notified."It could've been worse," said Stephens. "It could've been someone else's kid who had health complications."

The district confirmed a police investigation is underway.

"In my opinion, that is even more reason to notify the parents that there is a police investigation going on about an incident that occurred in their child's classroom," said Stephens.

Administrators said there has been a lot of misinformation going around on social media regarding what happened last Wednesday.

The district wouldn't comment on whether or not the student who brought the chips to school is facing any kind of punishment.

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