AFFTON, Mo. ( - The chemical plant in Affton where a massive fire broke out Thursday was cited by state and federal authorities for violations of regulations concerning storage of hazardous waste.

A firefighter was injured when a fire broke out at Manor Chemicals Thursday afternoon. Smoke could be seen for miles and residents who live near the facility were evacuated. The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) said chemicals leaked into into the sewer system. The evacuation order was lifted after three hours.

In September and October 2017, state and federal inspectors say they found big quantities of hazardous waste at facility on Hegee Road. The hazardous chemicals were in hundreds of drums, some of which were leaking. Nearby inspectors say they found areas of dead vegetation, with soil sampling showing contamination. The company was cited and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) says it worked with Manor to properly dispose of the hazardous waste. By June 2018, 5,900 gallons had been removed. Since then, the company has removed 660 gallons, state authorities tell News 4.

In June 2017, MoDNR says it asked Manor to submit a plan to the state to remove contaminated soil. Manor replied that it could not afford that it could not afford to clean up the contaminated soil. In January 2020, MoDNR says it asked the EPA Superfund to help in the addressing the contamination.

In October 2017, the company was cited for operating without a stormwater permit. It later received a permit the next year, but was cited for "failure to install and maintain Best Management Practices" as required by the permit. 

MoDNR tells News 4 the building that caught on fire Thursday had very little, if any hazardous waste stored there.

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