RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. ( -- A group of community organizations is asking for the investigation to be reopened into a deadly officer-involved shooting citing new video evidence.

Activists claim that surveillance video from August 31st shows police planted a gun on Terry Tillman. The 23-year-old was killed after running away from a Richmond Heights officer near the Galleria Mall.

They said the video shows an officer handling the gun with rubber gloves.

“This is a small piece of a bigger picture. We get that. We’re not naive,” Reverend Darryl Gray said. “But we contend that if the small piece is questionable then it leads to the whole piece being questioned.”

Police said Tillman raised his gun at officers when he was shot.

St. Louis County police released a statement in response to the video’s release:

“The actions taken by law enforcement on scene, including the securing of Mr. Tillman's weapon after the shooting, were known and have been documented in the investigation."

The City of Richmond Heights released the following statement: 

The City of Richmond Heights had been aware of this bystander’s video from the crime scene after Mr. Terry Tillman’s death and the new claim of corruption of the scene.

This footage is being used purely for conspiracy claims, to confuse, and to fuel distrust and anger in the St. Louis community. The integrity of the crime scene is not in question. Mr. Tillman was alive after the shooting and officers quickly performed CPR trying to save him. It is well documented that his gun was secured during this time.

The police-involved shooting of Mr. Tillman was a sad and tragic event. Our thoughts and condolences continue to go out to Mr. Tillman’s family. All involved are trying to emotionally heal.

The City of Richmond Heights employs a highly skilled, ethical police department - it is our responsibility to provide our community and all visitors of our community a safe residential and business environment at all times.

A video posted on Tillman's Facebook page the morning of the shooting shows him showing off a gun in a car.

Tillman was a felon making his possession of a gun illegal. He was carrying the weapon on him inside the Galleria, which is against mall policy.

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