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LINCOLN Co., Mo. ( -- A man accused of stalking employees at a driver’s license and vehicle registration office in Troy, Missouri has been arrested.

Timothy Howe, 34, was a regular at the Troy office. He was known to come in asking for duplicate titles, abandoned vehicle forms, and other vehicle registration related items, police say.

Employees said that Howe would anonymously buy them pizza and message them on social media under a fake name. Howe also was seen driving through the office’s parking lot at all times of the day, authorities say. One victim asked him to stop buying her pizzas, so he then bought them for everyone in the office besides her, police say.

Back in November, Howe left a large sum of cash on the counter top and said, “Go get yourself a manicure or pedicure,” to a female employee, authorities allege. After this incident, the manager reported him to authorities who then informed Howe that he could no longer use the Troy office.

After being told this, Howe found one of the employee’s numbers and sent her a “Merry Christmas” text as well as other bizarre messages, police say. He also drove past her twice while she was getting gas, making her feel unsafe.

On February 6, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office detectives began investigating a criminal complaint of stalking.

The detectives found Howe driving near the Troy license office and arrested him.

Howe has been charged with first-degree stalking and three counts of first- degree harassment.

Currently, Howe is being held in the Lincoln County Jail under a $20,000 cash- only bond. If he is released, there will be GPS monitoring and no entry or staying on premises of the Troy office.

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