ST. LOUIS ( -- Ronald Seay’s alleged murder of a Sacremento, California librarian was the latest in a series of threats he made against librarians, St. Louis area officials said.

Seay, 56, is charged with shooting and killing Amber Clark, 41, on Dec. 11 as she left work at the North Natomas Public library. Police said he was waiting for her nearly two months after he was kicked out of the same library for causing a disturbance.

Ronald Saey mugshot

Months earlier, a very similar situation happened at the Brentwood library. On September 6, Brentwood police say Seay entered the library on Brentwood Blvd. and made threatening and odd statements to the female librarians.

“He was cursing and belligerent,” said Brentwood Police Chief Joe Spiess.

Spiess said police were called and Seay, who had a puppy with him, refused to leave. He was arrested and charged with trespassing.

Spiess said Seay continued to make threats to officers and there were multiple “odd statements” made. A mental evaluation was done at the jail but ultimately he was not committed. The municipal trespassing charge had a bond of $100. He was released.

Ronald Saey library ticket

On August 23, Seay was also kicked out of the Ferguson library.

Scott Bonner, the library director in Ferguson, posted to Twitter about his threatening experience with Seay.

Seay left but continued to call the library and make threats, and that’s when police were called.

"When this incident happened in Ferguson, they did nothing to escalate the situation which could have turned out far worse knowing what we know now,” said Ferguson Interim Police Chief Frank McCall.

According to court records, Seay had lived in the St. Louis area for many years. His only criminal record includes traffic violations and two-decade old orders of protection.

Seay was also a firefighter in the City of St. Louis, a spokesperson for the department told News 4. He reportedly worked for the department from October 1988 through June 1992 and again from February 1993 until November 1998, for a total of nine years. 

News 4 has also been able to confirm Seay attended the University of Missouri-St. Louis but the exact years of his attendance have not been disclosed.

His address on his September ticket is listed in St. Louis County but Brentwood police believe he was living out of his car. It is unclear how or why he went to Sacramento.

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