(KMOV.com) - The Better Business Bureau said in 2018 it received more than 500 complaints about 50 companies which sell vehicle service warranties in the St. Louis area.

According to Don O’Brien, an investigator with the BBB, "We did see an uptick in complaints last year almost an 11 percent increase."

The companies that received the most complaints are CarShield,which had 174, Motor Vehicle Services which had 42 and Safeguard Auto Direct which had 36 complaints in 2018. Each company has an ‘F’ rating with the BBB.

Garrett Mees said he bought a $3,400 warranty from CarShield but after his car broke down, he was shocked that the repairs weren’t covered.

"In the end they actually did pay for it because I had to sue them," said Mees.

Mike Carter of CarShield spoke to News 4 about the BBB report.

"A team of people, myself included, where we take every complaint at CarShield seriously," said Carter.

Carter said the company resolved every complaint that the BBB brought to it. But he said the Better Business Bureau keeps changing the way it evaluates his industry to put it in a bad light. And he said the organization’s ratings are inaccurate and unfair.

"We do what they say. We've taken websites down, we've modified our mailers, taken certain language out. Commercials on a big screen we went through with them, don't say this, we think that's a little over promising or whatever,” said Carter.

BBB has the following advice:

  • Check with the place you bought your vehicle to see if it may still be covered by a warranty.
  • Don’t be rushed into making a decision about buying a warranty, be sure to read the terms of service first.
  • Research any company trying to sell you a warranty, including checking its profile at bbb.org.

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