ST. LOUIS ( -- Another Save-A-Lot in the St. Louis area is closing this month.

Employees at the Save-A-Lot at on Southwest Garden near The Hill confirmed to News 4 the store will close on Christmas Eve. The only Save-A-Lot in Pagedale closed last month.

"When I first heard they were closing, man, it was devastating," Steven Allen, who lives near the Save-A-Lot, said. "I come here to get my lunch, dinner."

A St. Louis alderman said competition may have driven the store out of business.

"This always has been a secondary store, and it's never really thrived. Even Schnucks tried to run a second location there," St. Louis Ward 10 Alderman Joe Vollmer said. "The Schnucks store is the major grocery store in this area. Their delivery service...they really jumped in on this. I do believe a smart retailer who can adapt to the current conditions will thrive there."

Saint Louis University Economics Professor Bonnie Wilson told News 4 the U.S. economy is rebounding so Save-A-Lot closing another store may not necessarily be related to the pandemic.

"The puzzle now as people are looking at the data and business failures is to figure out to what extent business failures are just a normal part of the creative destruction of a healthy economy," Wilson said.

Save-A-Lot told News 4 back in October that the Pagedale store closed due to low sales. News 4 contacted Save-A-Lot for the newest closing, but didn't hear back yet.

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